Are You Prepared for Winter?

Cold weather is starting to settle in across the country, which means before we know it winter will be upon us. While the weather is warmer, this is the perfect time to start winterizing your assets. Just like with tragic events, being prepared beforehand can help minimize damages and not take you off guard. The issue can oftentimes become where to start or what are some things to look out for. NCG Insurance hopes to be able to give you a comprehensive list to get started on winterizing your church, camp, nonprofit, or school.

Make sure your structure is watertight

One of the best things you can do for your assets is to have a professional, or at the minimum, a highly knowledgeable individual, come and inspect the structure. Make sure that they check the roof, flashings, caulking, and sealant to make sure no moisture can get in.

Clean your gutters & downspouts

If there is a lot of debris, leaves, and other items stuck in your gutters and downspouts, then you may be at risk for damage to your property. In between snowstorms, the snow can melt, but if there is nowhere for it to go, it will freeze in the gutters and also cause icicles which can be a huge hazard.

Insulate pipes that are susceptible to extreme cold

The last thing you need is a phone call at 7 in the morning on a Sunday letting you know that there’s an inch of water all over the floor in the bathroom. If you notice any rooms with water get colder than the rest of your building, then insulating those pipes, as well as leaving the door open to allow heat in should be able to save you from a pipe burst.

Look at the integrity of your outdoor entrances and exits

When leaving or entering the building, check to see if there are any low points that can accumulate water and freeze over. Also, make sure that your stairs and hand railings are in good shape to handle high use and survive the elements.

Start getting your winter supplies now

Instead of your budget going out the window in the winter months, by starting to stock up now on salt, shovels, hand warmers, antifreeze and other snow equipment. Odds are, you may be able to get a great deal since they’re out of season. Another item to cross off you list is to start looking into contractors or volunteers to clear the parking lot before they’re booked for winter. This is a great time to also find emergency contact information in the event that you need your parking lot cleared immediately, power goes out, or you need repairs due to weather damage.

Turn off outdoor faucets

Something that is easy to forget is to make sure that the outdoor faucets and spigots are shut off. These are some of the most common places where a pipe will burst.

As winter draws near, we hope that this list gives you a good start on preparing. Make sure to always be checking your weather station and checking on your assets once a day or more on particularly cold days. If you have any more questions about winterizing your assets, please contact your NCG Insurance agent and they will be happy to help!

*Information provided through Brotherhood Mutual.