Five Ways to Make Your Church Safer

Increasingly, the need for strategic safety measures and tightened security protocols for public gatherings have become undeniably necessary. With many daily meetings, weekly services and monthly events, churches must be prepared to take adequate precautions to ensure the safety of all members and guests. Below you will find five tips to equip your staff and volunteers with the proper tools to keep your congregation safe.


1. Have the People

One of the best ways to take precaution is to develop a group for this particular ministry. Safety is important, and having a security team will allow members to see that their safety is being considered and will in turn make them feel comfortable to focus on other needs. This team must be well vetted and trained.


2. Have the Training

For your church’s security team to be efficient they must be well trained. Developing leaders in this specific team will require detailed meetings, trainings with professionals and overall protocol teachings. Connecting with local law enforcement can help in this step as many already have some sort of working relationship with churches whether it be through traffic consulting or their official presence on a campus.


3. Have the Plan

Having the people and having them trained is half the battle. Developing a strategic plan for your security team, church staff, volunteers and members to follow in the event of a fire, robbery or other emergency situation has to happen. Additionally, developing lockdown procedures, especially for student and children’s ministry areas, is imperative for effective safety.


4. Have the Congregation Informed

In addition to those working or volunteering for the church, the congregation must be aware of certain precautions and steps to take in the event of an emergency. They cannot be left in the dark about proper action steps or lockdown rules. It is best to share with the congregation about the fact that there is a security presence on your church’s campus and that there is a team of people who are trained to respond. Additionally, your church should have building maps posted with specific routes to take when necessary.


5. Have the added tools

For extra security, there are physical steps that can be made to make the church building itself safer. Some churches invest in cameras (inside and outside) and security systems, keyed entrances, controlled hours of operation, and have officials perform safety walk-throughs. Depending on the size, location and specific needs of your church, any or all of the above suggestions can add value to your strategic security plan.

Our mission is to protect your mission. The 5 ways listed above to make your church safer can further defend and protect your church in the event of an unexpected emergency situation.  With over 30 years of experience servicing thousands of churches, we’re able to do that with excellence. We are proud of the churches we serve and are proud that every dollar we save our customers is a dollar that goes towards doing ministry. Request your quote today!