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Overcoming the Hurdle of Shopping For Insurance

Wait… Do Other Providers Make You Shop?

We will never understand why the insurance industry makes people shop around from provider to provider. The same reason that you don\’t like buying a car from a car salesman. You\’ll typically get off the phone feeling like they were just selling you a bunch of talking points and trying to make a commission off of you. We want you to know that you are more than a paycheck, you are a part of our family, and we will take care of you. The cool thing that NCG does for you is shop for your insurance. You call us and tell us your needs and budget and we give you the options, it\’s that simple. We take many steps to make sure that transitioning insurance is quick and easy:

  • We Do the Shopping For You
  • Your Need Will Be Our Priority
  • Getting a Quote Is Extremely Simple

We Do The Shopping For You

When you embark on this journey of finding the right insurance, you often do so without a map letting the wind take you where it will. That\’s why we\’re here to help. NCG has found a way to make the insurance process pain free believe it or not, call us for a quote and we will show you!

Your Need Will Be Our Priority

When you call us, we will get right to work. This doesn\’t stop once you\’re our client, we work hard on your behalf day-in-and-day-out. Your call won\’t be added to a stack of other issues on our desk, we make sure any need is met as quickly as possible.

Getting A Quote Is Extremely Simple

Many place make you go through so many steps to get a quote, that you feel like you\’ve already signed up before you\’ve even made a decision. If you do this enough times trying to get a quote, odds are you will just settle. Our process is extremely fast, simple, and more importantly hassle free! Give us a call and you\’ll see just how easy it is to get an insurance quote!

But don\’t just take it from us…

We recently joined NCG insurance and the whole experience was easy and very thorough. The NCG team is extremely courteous and very professional. They are always pleasant and willing to help.


NCG has been our insurance agency for the past three years. During this time, we have become great partners. Tina Crawford and her team are professionals! They are responsive, accessible, and very knowledgeable about our needs. With them, it is obvious that the client comes first and we appreciate them!