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Covered in the Ministry Security Conference

Church Security Operations

  • Learn how to develop and implement a crisis management plan

  • Maximize the impact of available security staff, tools, and technology

  • A “Best Practices” approach to church security that can be scaled to your resources and needs

  • Learn how to assess your church for critical security vulnerabilities

  • Learn how to build a church security team

Safeguarding Children, Church Members, and Staff

  • Learn how to recognize signs of a potential crisis before it occurs

  • Be able to assess, prioritize, and respond to security threats

  • Gain awareness of domestic violence issues and its impact at church

  • Learn how to respond to active shooter situations

  • Be able to deal with difficult people and diffuse potentially volatile situations

Safeguarding Your Missions Teams

  • Learn \”Best Practices\” for travel safety principles and strategies for your volunteer mission teams

  • Teach your mission teams to be an unattractive target for thieves and kidnappers

  • “Best Practices” training for surviving hostage situations