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Overcoming the Hurdle of Rate Hikes

We See You As Family, Not Dollar Signs

Many of our clients come to us worried that we will offer these low, competitive rates then down the road exponentially raise the rates. This isn\’t how we treat our family. You will see from the moment you call us, that we are different than most insurers (hint: we\’re not in this for the money, that\’s just a byproduct). We want to save you money, so that you worry less about your insurance cost and its coverage, and more about your cause. Here\’s how NCG will do that:

  • Offer You a Competitive Rate
  • Make Sure that Your Satisfied
  • Treat You Like We Would Our Family

Offer You A Competitive Rate

Yes, just like all insurers, we can offer you a, \”better rate than your current provider.\” But there\’s always a catch, right? Our catch is, that\’s not a 12 month premium, that\’s your true rate. So after a year goes by, you\’re not stuck with a bill that\’s increased greatly and leaves you wondering if you have to cut programs out of your budget. 

Make Sure that You\’re Satisfied

We can\’t emphasize enough our high customer service priority. At the end of the day you need to be satisfied that you\’re covered by your insurance, and you\’re not paying more than you have to. Want to know one way we will keep you satisfied? You guessed it, by not hiking your rates after you switch!

Treat You Like We Would Our Family

You need to be taken care of. There\’s no reason for you to get off of the phone with a representative and feel like you were just another checkbox on their call list. NCG will be there for you when you need us. Whether you need to contact us for an emergency or just want to check on things, no problem is too big or small for us.

But don\’t just take it from us…

SkillsUSA is a national, non-profit, education association headquartered in Leesburg, VA. NCG Insurance has been the organization’s local agent for its commercial package, directors and officers and general liability coverage for nearly 15 years. The staff at NCG is always professional, courteous and responsive to our needs. They continuously look for ways to improve their services to the organization and keep the best of interest of SkillsUSA in the forefront. We highly recommend this group for your insurance needs.


When our insurance provider after four years suddenly didn\’t renew our policy upon its expiration, we contacted NCG for assistance. Immediately, Account Executive, Corey Seymour, not only returned our correspondence but soon after met with us in person to discuss in detail what our site specific and landmarked institution needed in order to move forward. He worked with us efficiently and diligently to gather all necessary information, and explained in detail each part of the insurance equation. In the end, he in fact worked to get us lower premiums than we thought could be expected and continues to make himself available should any emergency situation arise. For the first time, Corey and the staff at NCG made finding and selecting insurance policies an enjoyable experience!