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Common Questions & Concerns

\”Our agent has been on our board for a long time.\”

Private schools are required to steward their finances, and part of that is securing the best coverage for the best price.  Their agent most likely will not have access to the providers that we do. So why not allow us to show them what we can do and then they can do some comparisons and make an educated decision.  We also find many schools have their coverages split between 2-3 carriers.  We can offer insurers who can handle all their various school coverage needs.

“I don’t have time to shop my insurance”

We don’t deny that it takes some time and effort on their part.  However, part of our job is to make it easier for them.  As experts in school insurance, our process is a well-oiled machine that will make it as easy as possible for them to get a quote.

“I don’t want to deal with the hassle of getting a quote.”

Private schools are responsible for stewarding the school’s finances.  We often find that we can save an organization thousands of dollars on their insurance, simply because they haven’t taken quotes in a long time.

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