May 27, 2020

Dear Homeschooling Group Leader:

I pray each of you are safe and healthy as the world finds its way through the new normal COVID-19 has created.  We have received many inquiries about how the Homeschool Insurance Solutions group insurance program will respond to new challenges arising from the changes being made in our daily lives.  Below are answers to top questions we are being asked:

OUTSIDE TUTORING – For most of you, homeschooling is second nature – this has been your chosen method of education for your children.  For many families, however, teaching their children at home is a completely new venture.  While life, for the most part may be unchanged for homeschooling veterans, no doubt there are changes taking place with how to manage group learning opportunities.  If you are venturing into the world of tutoring to assist novice parents, I invite you to consider our insurance program for tutors.  This affordable protection is designed to provide the general and professional liability protection for individuals who, as a home-based business, are providing tutoring services on an individual basis (outside of your group activities).  For more information follow this link:

VIDEO-LEARNING – Many of your groups are now unable to meet at their local church or community center and are converting to video-learning through platforms such as Zoom.  I want to assure you your General Liability insurance company, Great American Insurance, has confirmed the use of this technology remains an eligible form of group learning and is not considered “in-home instruction,” even though it is taking place in a residence.*

EXPOSURE TO OFFENSIVE MATERIAL THROUGH VIDEO PLATFORMS – Considering the use of video platforms, some of you have asked if we offer protection in the event children were exposed to offensive material due to a hacker interrupting a Zoom presentation, causing emotional harm.  It is difficult to offer a definitive answer on a “what-if” situation.  However, in general, the Sexual Abuse & Molestation Liability protection afforded under your policy would likely respond to such a claim.  The General Liability protection could also possibly apply.  This is one of those “it depends” situations.*

CYBER LIABILITY INSURANCE – Some of you have contacted our office asking if we provide Cyber Liability insurance, which protects an organization from liability lawsuits caused by data breaches of personally identifiable information (PII).  Homeschool Insurance Solutions’ group program does not presently offer or include this protection.  We are, however, working with Great American Insurance Company to determine if this might be an enhancement we can offer for the 2021 policy term.  In the meantime, legally structured homeschool groups may apply for stand-alone Cyber Liability Insurance, which is rated individually.  If you are interested, simply email us at and we’ll send you the application.

LAWSUITS DUE TO CONTRACTION OF COVID-19 – We have received questions regarding potential lawsuits by families because they allege their child contracted COVID-19 while at a group meeting.  Although most commercial general liability policies contain an Organic Pathogen or Communicable Disease Exclusion, the Homeschool Insurance Solutions general liability policy does not contain such an exclusion.  For the Commercial General Liability coverage to apply to claims for bodily injury or property damage arising from coronavirus, plaintiffs must allege the insured group was liable and legally obligated to pay for that bodily injury.   In other words, the group would have acted in a negligent manner to cause infection to someone to whom the insured owed a duty.  Of course, each claim is reviewed on its own merits and coverage is applied in accordance with the specific facts of the claim and applicable policy language.*

AVAILABILITY OF PREMIUM REFUNDS – Lastly, we have received inquiries as to whether there will be premium refunds because groups are no longer gathering.  We have worked hard to keep our insurance program costs affordable and have one of the lowest premiums on the market.  Most groups are paying the minimum premium.  Even though you are not presently gathering in person, as stated above, virtual “gatherings” may be occurring and therefore your liability coverage will continue protecting your organization.  For that reason, there are no plans to make premium refunds.

I want to thank each of you for your confidence in our program and I sincerely hope we all can return to group gatherings soon.  Humans are social beings and need that sense of community.  Again, should you have any specific questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us at  While we too are working safely from home, we are here to serve you.


Tina M. Crawford, CIC, CISRVice President-Property & Casualty DivisionNCG Insurance Agency, Inc.

*NOTE: these bullet points apply only to the Great American Insurance General Liability coverage offered through our bundled Group Accident Medical/General Liability program.  TMC 7/22/2020