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Overcoming the Hurdle of Canceling Your Plan

We Can Help You Get Out Of That Plan

A common hurdle for our clients is that they just signed a new plan with their agent/provider. Being in this business for decades, we have learned that there are ways of getting out of those plans early. When you sign up with NCG, you are also signing up for our years of experience and knowledge in the industry. We will be transparent and make sure that you get out of that plan and into a new one that suites your needs better. Here\’s how NCG will do that:

  • Work As A Middle-man Between You and Your Provider
  • Use Our Years Of Expertise
  • Make Sure You\’re Taken Care Of

Work As A Middle-Man Between You and Your Provider

We\’ve been there and done that, and then did it again. This is a common issue for us, so we can walk you through this with ease. Not only that, but we will take action on your behalf when necessary.

Use Our Years Of Expertise

Many insurance agencies hold their secrets close to their chest. We don\’t believe that is any way to treat someone, so we will tell you all that you need to know. Oh, and we know a lot. After decades of experience, and an average client retention rate of 15 years, we will make sure that you get the right plan at the end of the day.

Make Sure You\’re Taken Care Of

One of the biggest things at the end of the day, is making sure that the process of switching carriers, regardless of circumstance, is as easy as possible. There\’s enough issues in life, we don\’t believe that your insurance provider should be one of those, instead should take care of your problems.

But don\’t just take it from us…

NCG has been our insurance agency for the past three years. During this time, we have become great partners. Tina Crawford and her team are professionals! They are responsive, accessible, and very knowledgeable about our needs. With them, it is obvious that the client comes first and we appreciate them!


When our insurance provider after four years suddenly didn\’t renew our policy upon its expiration, we contacted NCG for assistance. Immediately, Account Executive, Corey Seymour, not only returned our correspondence but soon after met with us in person to discuss in detail what our site specific and landmarked institution needed in order to move forward. He worked with us efficiently and diligently to gather all necessary information, and explained in detail each part of the insurance equation. In the end, he in fact worked to get us lower premiums than we thought could be expected and continues to make himself available should any emergency situation arise. For the first time, Corey and the staff at NCG made finding and selecting insurance policies an enjoyable experience!